Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Wow Christmas has came & went! It was such a whirlwind. I must admit that it was nice having a little extra money this year to shop, but at the same time I had so much to do around the house and shopping-wise, that it wasn't worth it.

I can't stand being behind.

I really can't.

And I'm pretty much behind on everything. Period.

Oh...I remember how easy everything was, when we decided to have Ansley. I was on top of everything. The house looked good, laundry was done, dishes were nothing ever gets done, it seems.

Back to Christmas.

We had a good one. We celebrated with my grandparents on Christmas Eve, and we pushed it up to about 8:00 since this year my dad had to spend it in North Carolina with my stepmother's family. The kids got tons of stuff. My grandmother hasn't been in good health lately, but she had a good night, and we very much enjoyed spending time with her. I have a very special grandmother. She is the sweetest thing ever. And boy does she love my children. I wish I had more time to just spend with her.

We came back here and assembled some things after the kids went to bed, and then finally crashed around 5 AM. Yes, you read that right.

Thank goodness the kids didn't wake us up until 9:40 AM. Bless them. They enjoyed seeing what Santa left them, and of course unwrapping presents. Spencer's big present from us was a cell phone. It was his year. He was very excited! Riley & Talan both got bikes from Santa, Spencer got a Razor scooter, and Ansley got a Barbie Power Wheels thing. So they all got ride-on toys from Santa. Spencer & Riley also got their first pair of Jordan's this year. Spencer has been dying for some. Lucky him. Those suckers were $104. Unbelievable! Riley's were less, thank goodness! Talan got his first DS, which we found out later we should've just went ahead with the DSi, since it was so close in price...but oh well.

And Riley got Michael Jackson: The Experience. It is awesome. Riley is the one who loves to dance and cares nothing about doing it and putting on a show. He is such a laid back, let's-have-a-good-time kind of kid. He is such a joy! He even busted some moves right there at Joe's Crab Shack at Myrtle Beach this year with the workers. LOL! He has some breakdancing moves. Well, I figured he's never too early to learn to dance smoothly, so we got it! And it is so much fun! We had our 2nd annual Christmas dinner here at my house on Christmas, and me, my sis, her bf, and my mom all challenged each other and my mom won! I was like, "What?" LOL it was so much fun! Thriller is so much fun, especially! Talan clearly has gift for dancing--he gets the beat and has an innate ability to "pop" his motions...whether it be his hip or his wrist. He's gooood. Spencer's good too, but he's pretty shy. Riley enjoys it, but he's kind of....barely doing it???? He just barely does all the motions...rather than truly dancing.

I enjoy it, too! And little Ansley gets right in front of the screen and dances with us!

Several times the boys have all 3 lined up like a boy band doing the moves and they are so freaking cute!!!

Every single day of Christmas break, Talan has asked, "How many days until we go back to school?" And every time he would say, "YESSSS!" He feels exactly like me. I don't want to go back! :( I want to stay right here with my favorite people in the world and not feel as overwhelmed all the time! Why can't there be more hours in the day?

And Ansley. What a joy it is to spend the days with her. I get to see what she does all day long, get to spend time with her and get down and play with her babydolls and play food and jewelry with her.

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